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Due to the fast development and growth in the economic and business sectors, The United Arab Emirates has been renounced as the international hub for trade. Business entrepreneurs all over the world prefer this location as a prime conference site. The UAE airports and cargo villages have had a lion’s share of this growth and in a relatively short period of time have become the preferred destination for some of the most famous airlines and cargo service companies worldwide.

In line with this growth, AWIG, has established and maintained an independent well-staffed air cargo and aviation department providing all types of legal services relating to this field in light of Warsaw and other relevant agreements. The aviation team is very keen on following up all legislation updates in this field. The department keeps and maintains an updated record of all UAE cassations rulings and legal precedence in this vital field of specialization, while at the same time keeping an eye on all and any updates on the aviation rules and regulations worldwide.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) & Arbitration have proven to offer a more lucrative settlement to disputes than traditional litigation proceedings. The Group has the necessary background and training to ensure an efficient resolution to all disputes allowed to be resolved through arbitration.

The firm has extensive experience in managing dispute resolution both locally and internationally. We provide representation services before the International Arbitration Centers (IAC) in the UAE for a wide spectrum of cases pertaining to claims and entitlements. In addition, we assist in all meetings including expert meetings, implementation of the past ruling before the execution department at the local courts.

AWIG has an independent department for the provision of all legal services relating to the banking and financial institutions sector. The services provided includes, without limitation, the drafting of contracts, bank guarantee, letters of guarantee, documentary credits, security undertakings and all types of deeds and promissory notes that are meant to secure and the client’s rights. This department is also concerned with providing legal advice and consultancy to the group’s clientele practice in the banking sector, locally and abroad, as and when required over many operational aspects. The department takes and follows up all administrative and legal procedures, criminal or civil, in order to protect and / or recover the rights of its client (banks, financial and financing institutions) before all official authorities as well as all penal and civil courts of all types and degrees.

We provide consultation and representation services relating to all criminal matters such as bounced cheques, murder, theft, swindling and threats, to name a few, before the public prosecution and courts in the UAE. Our close association with judicial authorities and the Department of courts in Dubai has enabled us to participate in the expansion of the judicial and executive procedures though our development proposals.

Commercial law represents a main concern of the group’s activities. We are regarded as having in-depth understanding of our region’s business and legal environment. The trade sector is usually considered the main pillar of any healthy and developed economy. Hence, the group had devoted special attention to the commercial company’s laws and its updates, both locally and abroad, in order to provide distinguished and valuable service to its clients.

With our long standing presence in the UAE, this corresponds to a wealth of knowledge in different domains with relation to the structuring and conduct of business. We frequently advice and afford assistance on registration of local corporate bodies and branches of foreign companies, drafting of articles and memorandum of associations for all types of companies. The group also prepares board resolutions, financing, mortgage, pledge and lien contracts as well as all other legal services connected with business transactions. Further, we engage in corporate mergers & acquisitions, disposals and restructurings of the companies.

Ours 15yrs of experience in the UAE market makes us equip to deal with intricacies and the complex process involved in company formation, which can have long-standing effect on business success and sustainability particularly for international/overseas corporations who have the aspiration to have a local presence, where it is essential to establish an entity in conformity with the applicable laws and yet safeguard personal interest.

We specialize in business setup solutions, company formation and management, offshore incorporation, trademark registration. With Real Estate Company under our name, we can not only provide legal assistance and advice, but also deal with all the property matters in the UAE. We are well equipped to meet all our clients’ requirements, whether they are small and medium business entrepreneurs, or multinational corporations maintaining quality service & timely delivery.

The healthcare industry in UAE is rapidly expanding to meet the growing needs of its people and support economic diversification, with leading medical centers, corporations, and academic institutions playing fundamental roles in the process.

Our experience in advising government entities, insurance companies, medical research institutes, medical practitioners and companies dealing with development of healthcare facilities, gives us an advantage to provide a comprehensive legal service to all individuals and entities in this sector. Our team specializes in medical negligence and malpractice cases.

Dubai is one of the most frequently flocked cities in the world. This is the reason that the tourism industry and hospitality sector here contributes to the country’s economy. Our team comprises of experienced lawyers catering to all requirements of our clients involved with the hotel and leisure industry. We advise on all matters relevant to the tourism/hospitality industry, whether your interest is as an owner, investor, developer, operator or financier.

To keep up with the pace of fast growing technological development in the region and to also be a part of its studies and careful expansion policy, AWIG has recently established a branch office in Dubai Internet City under the professional name “Al Wasl International Group, Advocates & Legal Consultants FZLLC”.

With Dubai Internet City laying the foundation services for e-commerce prosperity in the Middle East as a whole, the group provides its services from this branch through a number of specialized consultants and experts in technological legislation and technology transfer.

As part of its services, this branch drafts technology transfer contracts, confidentiality agreements, web usage contracts, module and certification protection contracts, electronic signature agreements, web membership clauses and provisions as well as advising on and negotiating the provisions of technology transfer, web advertising and service contracts and handling domain name disputes and registration.

Insurance contracts that aim to secure assets and interest are crucially important in a business community. The law firm handles all forms of insurance claims and also renders advice and counseling services on insurance contracts, policies and claims pertaining maritime insurance, air-cargo insurance, real estate and property insurance, insurance against liability and insurance against every envisaged risk. Our expertise in insurance has also been invested and frequently directed to serve on the legal needs and requirements of some of the leading insurance companies in the market.
The United Arab Emirates is now an established worldwide center for business and trade activities in the region. This growth in economic and trade activities requires a parallel growth in the legal counseling field. AWIG has in its service a team of dedicated, qualified and well-versed lawyers with experience in all aspects of litigation, including the regional and international trade laws. Our attorney’s having expertise and various means of resolving the disputes. Our litigation division deals with commercial transactions, corporate matters, real estate disputes, criminal and labor law matters, to name a few. Are endeavor is to provide strategic and comprehensive legal advice bearing in mind the interest and concern of the client.
One has witnessed an escalating rise in the number of international and national companies venturing into the UAE market. In today’s competitive market environment, reliable employment policies and procedures must be in place so as to avoid any probable pitfalls, resulting in adverse publicity and hampering the reputation. Hence, UAE labor law is becoming increasingly essential to business owners as well as to the millions of local and expatriate employees residing in the UAE. We advice both Corporate & Commercial Business entities and the employees, on how one can aim at complying with the evolving world of new legislation and settle disputes through the Ministry of Labor and Dubai Courts. Our attorneys represent clients on labor and employment issues in arbitration, administrative proceedings and litigation. Our work further includes drafting and reviewing of employment contracts, assisting in disciplinary and termination matters, counseling on dispute resolution mechanism in resolving employees’ grievances and claims, giving counsel on labor implications brought by the acquisition, merger or change of management of a company, and safeguarding intellectual property and trade secrets.
Bearing in mind UAE’s rich maritime legacy and its ports are considered the busiest in the region; we advise and represent both owners and charterers regarding all facets of the Maritime Law. Maritime law has undergone significant alteration since then. The rule of litigation pertaining to maritime disputes is different, the maritime claim is urgent by its nature and most of the legislators are keen to adopt the laws accordingly. Legal services include, but are not limited to, cargo, collision, damage claims, and entitlement over bills of lading, marine insurance, maritime fraud, and initiating and implementing security interests or maritime liens.

Al Wasl International aims at imparting impartial legal advice in the field of Mergers & Acquisitions bearing in mind the Client’s prospective business endeavor. Every aspect of mergers and acquisitions are covered by our team with their prime focus on our clients’ profitable objectives in structuring and negotiating transactions.


 Target company selection and legal feasibility research
 Due diligence investigation and legal opinions
 Consultation and communication with the relevant supervisory agencies
 Disposal of assets and settlement of credits and debts
 Negotiations for and preparation of M&A legal document
 Handling application and registration procedures with government agencies
 Advising on tax implications in M&A transactions
 Reorganization of labor force and arranging for social security plans
 Advising on import/ export control, free-trade zone and regulation compliance
 Customs procedures such as tariff classification, rule of origin, customs evaluation.

Complete understanding of legal issues enables us to provide clients with comprehensive advice and consistent results. Furthermore, we have associations/affiliations with most of the leading international law firms from the United States, United Kingdom,Europe and Asia Pacific, and as result we undertake and participate in cross boarder transactions involving UAE.

Such company can be incorporated in the jurisdiction of Dubai which offers following benefits:

The offshore possibility has basically been set up to cater for companies who need to have a regional “tax relief-invoicing-facility” – There is no minimum capital required and also no need to set up an actual office facility. The off-shore regulations have been issued according to new international standards and companies will have to register minimum one director per company, keep financial records and issue an annual financial report audited by a professional auditing company approved by JAFZA. Each company must hold annual general meetings (possible also by proxy) and in short perform and act as a normal company.

The company regulations have been made out in strict conformity with new anti-money laundering measurements.

Activities NOT allowed
(a) Doing business with persons resident in the United Arab Emirates without having a proper license outside JAFZ to do so.
(b) Banking Business (hereunder investment banking and financial services),
(c) Insurance, (re-insurance, insurance Agent or broker)
(d) Real Estate
(e) Legal or Accounting Services

Local companies allowed to deal with
(a) Legal consultants, accountants, management companies etc carrying on business within the UAE,
(b) Any bank in the UAE for the purpose of conducting its routine operational transactions.
(c) If an offshore company wishes to conduct trade or other business in the zone or elsewhere in the UAE, it must obtain the appropriate license to conduct the trade or other business activity from the competent authorities.

Capital No minimum required, however a minimum of AED 10,000 (US$2,700) is recommended to begin with.

Total fees shall be US$ 8.000/- including government fees and our professional fees per annum to act as a Registered agent, subsequent annual renewal fee US$ 2,000/-

An owner/director is NOT automatically entitled to get residence visa in the UAE

Real Estate:
An offshore company is only allowed to rent/lease space for keeping a registered office or owns real property on the Palm Islands or Jumeirah Islands or any properties owned by Nakheel Company LLC

Bearer shares:
It is unlawful to issue bearer shares registered agent: an offshore company shall at all times have a registered agent in the zone or in Dubai to which all communications and notices may be addressed. (Global Resources shall act as agent)

The following documents are required for formation of the offshore company:

For Individuals:
1. C.V. (personal profile) of shareholders and directors
2. Passport copy of shareholders and directors
3. Bank Reference (format enclosed) statement of the shareholder
4. NOC from the employers if the shareholder is employed in the UAE.

The application form and Memorandum & Articles of association are to be signed in front of the JAFZA official. If the shareholder is unable to come to Dubai , the Memorandum & Application form has to be notarised in the country of origin and attested by the UAE Consulate in that country.

For Companies:
If the shareholder is a non-individual, following documents of that company are required which are to be notarised and attested as below.

1. Certificate of incorporation
2. Memorandum & Articles of Association
3. Board Resolution for investment in the offshore co. and appointing a legal rep. to act and sign on behalf of the company.

Global Resources will be happy to aid you in incorporating your offshore company in the UAE. All comments and enquires are welcome and hope to serve you to the maximum satisfaction. Please do acknowledge the above. Yours Sincerely,

Alwasl International has extensive knowledge of legal expertise, organization and availability to handle all the personal legal matters, whether religious (Sharia Law) or civil. Our personal law advocates assist over wide range of issues involving divorce, child custody, domestic violence and alimony claims. We also represent accident victims and malpractice victims throughout UAE who have suffered serious personal injuries because of the negligence of others.
We counsel on the full range of real estate-related business. “Mounting even more sophisticated financial and corporate structures, no group can claim better experience or concentration on funds, financings and development work than this incomparably international team “ With an incorporated network of leading individuals, we have the commitment, resources and know-how to get your deals done, whatever and wherever they are. Frontward thinking and commercial in our approach, with a standard aptitude to carry out composite deals, we handle the entire property ‘phase’ from the primary possession, development, leasing, joint venturing and financing through to the final outlet. For further information please contact Eman Hudhud on email:
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