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    Founder & Owner of Alwasl International Group in UAE. He is licensed as cassation lawyer by Dubai Courts. He earned a vast experience in different aspects of law during the period of 28.

Al Wasl International Group has established and enjoys a very positive reputation across our business. Advocacy and Legal Counseling is a firmly established and deep-rooted profession that has been outstandingly developed during the last decade.

Our prime focus continues to be on providing services to our clients that help them achieve lasting resolution to their legal issues. Our endeavor is to provide business-smart solutions based on an understanding of exclusive needs of the clients who choose us to support them with issues spanning from multiple legal disciplines. Our reputation influences so many aspects of our company, Therefore, it is important for us to protect our reputation through a strong culture of integrity and ethical conduct.

We have a dedicated team of lawyers at Alwasl who are interested in making a difference in the lives of the people. The changes we intend to orchestrate in the coming year will build on our past accomplishments and continue to move us towards greater efficiency, service and collaboration.

For these reasons, our firm is a preferred destination for clients, as well as for the most talented lawyers, government relations professionals and staff.

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