Mr. Adeeb M Abu Musleh

Mr. Adeeb M Abu Musleh

Legal Consultant

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Professional Experience

Mr. Adeeb M Abu Musleh is Jordanian national He has over 10 years of experience as legal consultant and specializes in cases of marriage and divorce, drafting contracts, civil and commercial cases, Research in air law, He is a member of the Jordanian Bar Association 8 years of experience in Jordan courts as an Attorney Lawyer in Commercial, Criminal, Civil, real estate and labor disputes Joined AWIG As a Legal Consultant in 2012. Mr. Adeeb Abu Musleh Certified a Legal consultant at Ruler’s court, certified arbitrator at Dubai international Arbitration Center (DIAC) & Sharjah international Arbitration Center, Lawyer at bar association of Jordan, certified Arbitrator & consultant at Cairo International Arbitration Center in Egypt. Mr. Adeeb Abu Musleh is holder Master of law & legal studios and certified legal consultant professional diploma from The Arab Academy for Science , Technology And Maritime Transport , and holder of LLB from Isra Private University and, And has experience in Islamic Banking Arbitrator and Member of The Egyptian Chamber for International Commercial Arbitration and member in international arbitration center and member in arbitrator accredited Sharjah international arbitration center and Member of Jordanian Bar Association since 2005 and a qualified attorney with over Nine years of international professional experience in the fields of Arbitration, Litigation, Real estate Corporate, Commercial and Contacts Laws. Participant in many courses with ABA & USAID, Member of Jordan bar Association, Member of the International Arbitration Center, Member of Arab Federation for International Arbitration Center, Member of the Egyptian Chamber of International Commercial Arbitration, Member of the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, Participated to provide therapeutic intervention services to children, adolescents, and adults using individual, family, and group treatment.

Adeeb Abu Musleh has served and practice law in Jordan and UAE- Dubai. Adeeb having gained significant experience in dispute resolution proceedings via Litigation , Arbitration and Mediation, now he is legal consultant and heading the Banks Department at Alwasl International Group Advocates and Legal Consultants -Dubai, UAE and he is fluent in Arabic and English. Researcher in air law, and defined in international Conventions, Warsaw Convention, the Organization of IATA, and Guatemala Protocol, and protocols amended of international air law, and research in the responsibility of the carrier in air law.


  • Law School:
    Al-Isra University (IPU) Jordon, LLB

  • Masters:
    Master of law & legal studios and certified legal consultant professional diploma from The Arab Academy for Science , Technology And Maritime Transport

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