Debt Collection

We, Alwasl International Group take pleasure in introducing our specialized follow up and recovery unit which is specially created and designed to serve our clients to help in recovering overdue of all types of debts through a highly qualified, experienced and motivated professional debt collectors.

Slow payers cost more; limit your operations, and your profit. For instance, if your profit margin is 10% and one sale goes bad, it will cost you up to ten (10) equivalent sales to recover your loss and damages. To reduce the risk, kindly seek the desired advice now.

Confidentiality is the strictest code of ethics followed by ourselves. We provide professional advice to all corporations and entities on how their debt could be recovered and how the impact of unpaid debt be mitigated by not affecting the company’s operations and profits.

We believe, the benefit of direct contact, communication, professional negotiation and consistency are the primary tools and essential requisites for a successful recovery in shortest time possible. If after negotiation and subsequent execution of follow up action, a satisfactory solution is not achieved. We shall, if necessary, assist and represent in a civil court proceeding for the matter pertaining to the same. We also represent our clients in law suits to recover money due as a result of dishonored cheques.

All assignments undertaken by us are handled taking into consideration the client's needs and benefits.

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Meet our Team

Samer Nour
Head of External Branches Practice Areas: Corporate and Securities
Commercial Lending,
Real Estate
Rashida Tinwala
External Branches Communication Manager Practice Areas: Corporate and Securities
Commercial Lending,
Real Estate

We are Experienced and Deal with Most Aspects of Commercial and Private Client Laws